Harrow School Golf Club

Harrow School Golf Club (HSGC) is a members' club that has unique access to Harrow School's beautiful nine-hole course. Created by Donald Steel in 1978, the carefully nurtured course presents exciting challenges to golfers and benefits from being located on a high point; many of the holes offer stunning views of the Capital. The yardage is 3,690 and the standard scratch score is 57.

Members play in the mornings and evenings during School term time. Access, however, is unrestricted on Sundays and School holidays. The Club's membership is an active one. There are many competitions and well-attended social events throughout the year.

The Course

See course closures, tee reservations, green fees, local rules, ettiquette, etc.

Ladies' Section

Harrow School Golf Course has been rated in accordance with the USGA Course Rating System under the authorization granted to the English Women's Golf Association. The SSS is 60 (red tees).

Thursday Gents

Thirty or so players gather every Thursday for some robust golf and a beer afterwards, and every Thursday the winner receives a logoed golf ball that reads "The Thursday Gentlemen." Read more.
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Frost Statement From Mike Kemmett, Grounds Manager, 30th November 2017

Golf greens are fragile and require careful, professional management. A green is a collection of millions of individual grass plants that are very delicate. Putting surfaces are cut at a height from 4mm to 6mm depending on the time of year, which places extreme stresses on the plant. This makes them vulnerable to attack from disease, pests, drought and frost. Where there is a visible frost on the surface the grass plant becomes brittle as it is 90% water and can be easily crushed. As a consequence, play in these conditions will cause the plant to die. (Similar to cracking an egg shell. Once broken, it cannot be put back together again). Similarly, even when there is not a visible frost and the top 50mm of top soil has thawed; the sub soil may still be frozen. Play on the greens in such circumstances will cause root break, where the underlying roots are severed causing the plant to die. Damage may not be immediately evident, but within a few days the leaves will turn brown/black and the plant will die. This causes thinning of the grass coverage and weakens the remaining plants. This in turn makes the surface more susceptible to disease and weeds ingress. At the start of the new season the greens will take longer to recover and the quality of the putting surfaces will be compromised until mid-season. Please be patient and understanding of the conditions and problems that the British winter can present to the golf course management plan.

A Magical Rainbow Golfing Experience.

On the first Saturday in October we had a new club event entitled 9 and Dine. The weather forecast leading up to the event was dire. However the rain cleared up and 18 intrepid golfers set out to play a Texas scramble over nine holes in teams of three.The sun was shining, though we did have one short heavy rain shower. This led to the most superb double rainbow. Coupled with this some of the golfers saw flocks of swifts circling over the hill. After the golf we were joined by the non-golfers and twenty four of us enjoyed pre dinner drinks followed by an excellent meal provided by Lorraine and her helper. Everyone who attended agreed that this is an event which we should certainly keep in the calendar. Our thanks are due to John and Sara Robinson for organising this successful new addition to our calendar.

Rainbow 9 and Dine

Sue Price Memorial Stableford April 6th 2016

Following a delayed and very wet start to the Sue Pryce Stableford, held on Wednesday 8 April, the sun came out. Unfortunately this was followed by more rain and high winds, making the conditions for golf very challenging. Coffee and home made cake was enjoyed by the field of 12 intrepid ladies and Gareth Pryce who very kindly came along to do the presentation. The very worthy winner, Yvonne Lembke, was presented with the Sue Pryce Stableford Salva together with flowers by Gareth. Parvaneh Weston, was runner up, who was also presented with flowers by Gareth.

Sarah Porter presenting the Stuart Porter Memorial Cup to 2016 winners John Porter, Doreen Emery, Ruth Smith, and John Robinson

Yvonne Lembke, winner of the Sue Pryce Stableford 2016, receiving the cup from Gareth Pryce

Jackie Porter presenting the Stuart Porter Memorial Cup to 2015 winners Doreen Emery, Ruth Smith, Tony McCann and John Robinson

Winners of the 2015 Jubilee Cup: John and Sarah Robinson, and Nicky Shaw and Alton Morgans

Tee Times

Members play in the mornings and evenings during School term time. Access, however, is unrestricted on Sundays, School holidays (eighteen weeks of the year) and Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays of exeat weekends. The exeats in 2018 are January 26 to 28 and March 9 to 11 (spring), May 5 to 7 (summer), and September 28 to September 30 and November 16 to 18 (autumn). You may check Harrow School term dates for half terms and exeats.

Download HSGC's playing times (.doc):


Our committee organises many tournaments and social events. Amendments to the calendar are noted here:

  • Autumn Sinles 20th October deleted-calendar error
  • Chairman's Mashie 30th September deleted-calendar error

Download HSGC's events calendar for a comprehensive listing, and note that no fourball golf may be played before noon on medal weekends:

Committee and Key People

School appointees and elected representatives of the membership meet three times a year.

*clicking on these links may work for emailing Chairman, Hon Secretary or Golf Warden. The Honorary Secretary's e mail address is: hsgcsecretary@harrowschool.org.uk

The secretary and the warden are also members of the Greens' Committee, as are Kay Nicol, John Slade and the Harrow School Grounds' Manager. The Greens' Committee meet two or three times a year to agree course maintenance and improvements.


To apply to become a member, please e-mail Honorary Secretary Wendy Driver, who will invite you to play a few holes with our warden. There is no joining fee, nor is an official handicap required.

Download an application form (.doc). See also the subscriptions form, for it includes a breakdown of Club fees:

Be assured that applicants are no longer summoned in near Masonic induction ceremonies to the Old Harrovian Room to undergo searching character examinations. Nowadays, the etiquette of fairway and green is what matters, not that of knife and fork, and the Club's warden conducts the only test that applicants must pass.

Green Fees

Members may introduce up to three guests, on payment of a green fee of £10 per guest. Guests must be logged in the visitors' book. Cash or cheques made payable to "Harrow School Golf Club" should be posted through the letterbox in the warden's hut. The card box contains envelopes.

Members' Login

Members will require a username ("hsgc") and password (see a committee member) to access the Members' Login. Hard copies of many of the documents contained within can be found in the Boyer Web Pavilion.

See the Members' Login for newletters and handicapping.

Photograph Album

Several albums have been made available in an online gallery. Ladies vs. Gentlemen, September 26, 2012 is one of the albums.


HSGC-branded clothing is ordered twice a year and is in stock. The Club logo is in emerald green. See Wendy Driver for polo shirts and men's Glenmuir lambswool sweaters.

Harrow School golf umbrellas are available for £10.75 in the Hill Shop, West Street.


Please use the car park at the foot of Garlands Lane or park by the tennis courts. The parking area by the first tee is for the exclusive use the Grounds staff.